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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Symlinking ActiveRecord Objects

Have you ever needed one object to act like another one? To symlink an object? In Rails it is quite easy to accomplish. Simply add a symlink_id integer field to your database table and use the following code.
class SomeObject < ActiveRecord::Base
def id
return symlink_id? ? super : symlink_id

def symlink(obj)
update_attribute :symlink_id, obj.id

There are many uses for this idea, but unfortunately I can’t reveal my use at the moment. Feel free to post comments with ideas though.

A notable limit to this code is that you can’t symlink objects that aren’t also SomeObject. It is possible to accomplish this as well however. In addition to symlink_id, add a varchar symlink_kind.
class SomeObject < ActiveRecord::Base
class << self
def find(*args)
obj = super(*args)
if obj.is_a? Array
obj.map{|o| o.symlink_kind? && o.symlink_id? ? eval(o.symlink_kind+'.find('+o.symlink_id+')') : o }
obj.symlink_kind? ? eval(obj.symlink_kind+'.find('+obj.symlink_id+')') : obj

def symlink(obj)
self.symlink_id = obj.id
self.symlink_kind = obj.class.to_s

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