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Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Talking Schedule

I am giving a number of talks in the next few weeks. If you like how I write, are going to be in Portland, and are so inclined to say hi, come by any of the following places.

In two days, Saturday the 22nd, I will be giving 3 talks at Portland Code Camp:

9:15-10:30am: Introduction to Ruby on Rails
10:45-12:15am: An Exercise in Meta-Programming with Rails
2:45-4:00pm: Using Cross-Domain AJAX Today

Then at OSCON I will be doing a few events:

12-1:30pm on Monday, July 24th: Book signing at the Powell's booth
11:15-11:45am on Wednesday, July 26th: Best of the Ruby Cookbook talk at the O'Reilly booth

I am also talking at FOSCON on Wednesday night:

7:30 PM-??? on Wednesday, July 26th: Ridiculously easy ways to distribute processor intensive tasks using Rinda and DRb

I hope to see you at any or all of the above events.

You should follow me on twitter here.

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