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Monday, April 21, 2008

DataMapper Review and Impressions

On the first day, DHH made ActiveRecord, and ActiveRecord was good. Sure it wasn't originally thread safe and it created monster SQL queries updating every single column on a save even if only one value changed. Sure it may have used a ton of RAM and made you write a bit more SQL than you would have liked. But it worked and was good.

Today, there is a lot of buzz around Merb + DataMapper. I will review Merb later but I would like to let people know a few things about DataMapper.

DataMapper has a lot of promise. It is thread safe, smart about SQL updates, has a better interface for generating conditions for SQL queries. Unfortunately, it is in a very strange place right now.

DataMapper's gem is at 0.3.1. Unfortunately, the entire 0.3 release is all but completely unsupported by any community. Everyone in the DM community is working on the 0.9 release. That would be fine except for the fact that 0.9 is currently so far from working that you couldn't use it in production even if you wanted to.

So DM 0.3 is unsupported... that's ok as long as it works right? Well unfortunately, DM 0.3 has various very severe bugs that I can't get anyone in the DM community to care about... even though I have submitted patches to their bug tracking system.
  1. When you declare an :order in a has_many association, it does not work at all... it re-orders the entire collection arbitrarily
  2. The belongs_to association does not work if you have changed your primary key names
  3. External database contexts do not work at all even though there are examples of them on the home page
  4. DM 0.3 claims to be backwards compatible with ActiveRecord, yet you can not use your :from, :joins, or :group conditions when composing SomeClass.find(...) calls
And these are only the ones I found within 1 week of using DataMapper.

The thing that really scares me is that nobody seems to care. Any time I mention anything like this in the IRC channel, the standard response is: sorry, we are all working on 0.9, we have no idea about 0.3.

So in short, 0.3 is unstable with no supporting community behind it and 0.9 is completely unusable. Unfortunately, that is a bad combination in my book. I have branched 0.3 so that I can keep a stable version for myself, and if anyone wants to contribute you can find it at github. I am using it because I like it and know my way around the 0.3 source code so I can fix the large issues I encounter, however I would not recommend DM unless you are a seasoned Ruby developer who is not afraid to roam on your own inside of an ORM framework.

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